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  • Phylise Banner

    Phylise Banner

    wizard of personalized teaching and learning environments | avid angler | proud Amphicar owner | STS-133 mothership | Adobe ed leader | student pilot | KB2ZIL

  • Phil Pearlman

    Phil Pearlman

    Marketing Director, Bank of the Ozarks

  • tom paine

    tom paine

    Proud member of lowest life form Covering Philadelphia Tech Scene (Web, Enterprise Software, Cloud, SaaS, Mobile, Telecom, IoT, eCommerce, Startups, VC )

  • Nikita


    Looking for Full Time Opportunity as a Developer | Blog writer | Chatbot Developer | Software Developer | Self Motivated | Hardworking

  • Work Better

    Work Better

    Become part of a movement and experience the Work Better difference. For office space + service inquiries email to join@workbetter.us or call us at 888–701–5262

  • Gayle Fischer

    Gayle Fischer

  • Samuel Kampa

    Samuel Kampa

    I am a Client Success Analyst at Yellowdig. Prior to joining Yellowdig, I earned my Ph.D. in Philosophy from Fordham U. All opinions expressed here are my own.

  • Jesse F. Ballenger

    Jesse F. Ballenger

    Bioethics, History of Medicine; Science, Technology & Society; Psychiatry & Neuroscience; Alzheimer's and Aging.

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